The Singletrack

I recently ran my first 8-mile trail race. This is something I’ve been talking about doing since February. What’s been stopping me? It’s hard! Especially in Santa Barbara, where almost all of our trails lead straight up. So I was pleasantly surprised to find the...

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A Good Book for Troubled Times

In troubled times, I'm sometimes unsure of what to do. Obsess over the news seems to be my first course of action. Hungry for details. Answers. Then comes social media (mostly Instagram). I can see how others are processing and my feeds are filtered so much to the...

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Listening to Your Body

I went to see an intuitive healer a few months ago and as I was sitting across from her the most pressing message she had for me was  - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. She went on to say when you are in the habit of ignoring your body it takes something catastrophic to get your...

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