My Money Story

If you’ve worked with me or read my blog for awhile, you know that I’m a big believer in the power of having a vision and I’m not talking about just knowing what you want although that’s good too, I’m talking about a written vision or a vision board or book that you...

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Correcting the Mind – Part 3

Fear can make you take a perfectly good life and turn it completely upside down. At least it did in my case. When Shauna and I were developing the material for our last retreat we had this brilliant idea to write down all the fears that came up when we thought about...

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Correcting the Mind – Part 2

I finished my thought experiment in the spring of 2015. Heading into the summer I wanted to focus on spending time with my kids and enjoying the summer. I was slowly changing the dialogue I was having with myself. I was okay with not pushing as hard and enjoying my...

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Correcting the Mind – Part 1

When you are in the business of helping people get things done a natural by product is you get a lot of things done. I had this misconception that getting more done, being more productive, and on top of my goals was going to make me happy. And in many ways it did but...

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What would you commit to?

It all started with The Five Minute Journal. For most of this year I've had a daily commitment to write in my journal. I heard about The Five Minute Journal in a Tim Ferriss podcast on Mindfulness and I thought it sounded like it would make my journaling commitment...

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