2022 Planning Workshop

Dive inward, decide what to focus on and be accountable to next year

Wednesday, December 1st

11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

In this workshop, you will:

  • Dive inward. Sometimes it's hard to imagine ever being clear enough to plan a whole year ahead of time. However, we've done this a lot. And part of the process is asking introspective, thought-provoking questions. Questions you might necessarily think to ask yourself but once you start answering you realize, you know the answers and you are a lot more clear than you knew.
  • Name what you want to focus on in the year ahead. Part of planning is choosing. Out of all that is possible, you have to begin somewhere, and honing in on what this is for you in an aligned and authentic way feels tremendously freeing and grounding.
  • Be accountable. The reason you plan is so that you can move forward with intention and purpose. But how do you ensure your plan turns into consistent action? Especially in the face of resistance (often your own). We are pros at helping you stay accountable to a workable plan that supports you doing exactly what is most important to you.
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Accountability Works.

Accountability Works is a professional planning and coaching company focused on delivering bold, compassionate accountability for your most pressing goals and bravest vision.

With over ten years of experience in using accountability as a tool for completion and consistency, we know that it makes all the difference. We offer planners, planning sessions, small group and private coaching. Our clients span all walks of life, professions and cultures with the common thread that they have come to a point where a lack of commitment and consistent action are holding them back. We provide them with structure and an easy to follow process that works.

Our Founder, Ali Schiller, will be leading this workshop.