What’s your theme for 2019?

Happy New Year! Every year I like to start off with a new theme and usually I know what it is long before the new year rolls around. My 2018 theme was teamwork. It was probably the most important and transformative theme I can remember picking.  Here's what I learned...

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Holidays Happy

The main thing I do to relieve stress, stay energized, and have a positive attitude is exercise. It's amazing what a brisk walk outside in the fresh air will do for you. However, when your routines get totally thrown off, like during the holidays, and you can't make...

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Year in Review Exercise for You and Your Business

Have you ever done a year in review exercise? If you haven't reviewed your year or you haven't done it yet, I highly encourage you to do one now. It's pretty natural to come into December feeling like you could or should be further along in some aspect of your life....

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The 5 Productivity Tools I Use Daily

Making Productivity a Daily Habit My effort to make productivity a daily habit is not accidental. It is the byproduct of a question I ask myself a lot. “Am I doing the best with the time I’ve got?”  I can tell I'm making meaningful use of my time by the...

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3 Strategies for Increasing Your Focus

I hear over and over again from my clients how difficult it is to FOCUS. I feel it, too. IMHO when you are self-employed there is nothing more valuable than your ability to focus, and nothing as easily squandered. Since I have the pleasure of working with...

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The Tech Side of My Coaching Business

When I started Accountability Works my idea was to rent a space and hold groups locally, much as I had done when I was coaching realtors except people would come to me instead of me coaching at individual offices. When I was in the midst of negotiating...

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Lessons from My Thyroid Healing

In the last several months I became aware that my thyroid, which has been under observation for the past 3 years, was testing abnormally and I needed to go in for more tests. I happened to get off the phone with my doctor’s office right before I was meeting with a...

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4 Tips for Getting Energetically Unstuck

I love decluttering. Not only do you have a more attractive space but you also have the side bonus of freeing up stuck energy. When you know you need to shift your energy and get your mojo back - think new project coming down the pike or simply feeling stagnant,...

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