I recently started working with a new accountability group. It’s fun to work with a new group because you get to interact with unique personalities and challenges. I am constantly impressed by the people that are drawn to putting themselves in an accountability group – the level of honesty, the self-knowledge, the desire to learn – all there. At the first meeting they set out with some modest and more challenging commitments. By the second meeting some came in with their sheets completed, some not, some had completely forgotten or been unable to do anything on their list. I reminded them that they are building a context around themselves. The context is either, “I do what I say I’m going to do, so I deserve it.”  We meet once a week to take account of whether or not we did in fact do what we said we were going to do, not because it makes our word impeccable although it certainly puts us closer, but because with accountability comes self-respect which breeds confidence and allows us to grow and expand. Then we begin fresh again. I can tell you the ones that did what they said, had a markedly different energy and feeling about them, it inspired me and I believe it inspired the others in the group.