Imagine a straight line. On one end you have Point A, it is where you are right now. It’s what you have. The other end is Point B it’s what you want. Everything in between is the interesting and terrifying things that you do to get from Point A to Point B. If you get to Point B – hallelujah – good for you. If not, you end up at point C. Some other place, not good, not bad, just some other place other than Point B. What usually gets in your way and knocks you off that straight line from Point A to Point B or prevents you from ever getting to Point B in the first place? Well that’s simple, you hit a barrier, at which point Point A starts looking pretty good. Remember Point A is what you have, it’s what you know, it’s comfortable. When something gets in your way of getting what you want – fear, of course – it is easy to cling to what you know, to play it safe, to make excuses. So how do you get through it and make it to your Point B? Practice, practice, practice. Facing your fears is like going to the gym, you have to build a muscle for it. The more you do it, the more memory you have of yourself doing it, the stronger your belief is that you can in fact do it. Point A is what you have but once upon a time Point A was what you wanted, Point B, then you got it and it turned into Point A, savor it, enjoy it, just don’t grow roots there. Point B is where your dreams lie, it’s you expressing your creativity and potential.