I never thought I’d be quoting Woody Allen, but he really was on to something when he said, “eighty percent of success is showing up.”

I had a meeting scheduled this morning for 10am and the person cancelled at 8:30am. It wasn’t an emergency, it was more of a – sorry but I can’t make it. It got me wondering about the person, their character, and I had all sorts of thoughts about common courtesy and then of course the value that they would have gotten from the meeting. Then I had to be honest and say it was a relief, my morning was starting out very hectic even by 8:30am and I was juggling all sorts of conflicting obligations to get myself to the 10am meeting on time. So on some level deeper than being peeved I was grateful.

Then I started to think of all the times I haven’t shown up especially lately. The holiday parties I didn’t attend because I was too tired and figured the host wouldn’t miss me or mind. The social functions I was non-commital towards because I didn’t want to over schedule myself. I resolved to clean it up. Every once in awhile I need a reminder that saying no, is sometimes better than saying maybe and saying yes, means yes I will show up. It’s simple but if it’s 80% of success, which I agree with, I intend to be doing a much better job of it in 2011.