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AW 1-Year Undated Planner

Weekly Commitment and Planning Pages

What you will get:

  • Weekly Commitments Page. The true workhorse of this planner. The actions you commit to take this week in support of your goals
  • Stop over-committing. The perfect layout for you to sort and narrow down what to focus on for the week.
  • Deadlines are important. That is why we give you room to write down who you will check in with and when. Even if you are accountable to yourself - write down exactly when you need to finish by.
  • Personal Foundation. The habits and routines that make you feel your best, most connected, and resilient self. Our clients tend to commit to exercise, healthy eating, prayer, meditation, reaching out to friends, reading etc.
  • Schedule your commitments. So important! Most people end a week surprised at how fast it went by. If you don’t schedule your commitments it is very easy to let all the other stuff take over. Prioritizing them in your schedule makes them so much easier to remember and complete.
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You can do this solo or better yet, ask a friend (or three) to do this with you.


Accountability Works.

Accountability Works.

We are a professional planning and accountability coaching company with over a decade of experience helping business owners, consultants and teams accomplish their most pressing goals and live their bravest vision. You can learn more about us and our services by visiting our website.