Accountability Works.

10+ Years Using Our Unique Approach to Get the Right Things Done.

Mindful Accountability™

Small Groups

Small group coaching for goal-oriented professionals who want mindful accountability, connection, and camaraderie to get the most important things done without experiencing burn out.

Individual Coaching

1:1 mindful accountability coaching for goal-oriented professionals who want privacy, individual focus, and to get the most important things done without experiencing burn out.

Leadership Training

Trust-based advisory services, mindful accountability training, and our proprietary tools for organizations across all industries and work styles that want to integrate accountability at scale.

Aligned Partners

Collaboration opportunities navigating Transitions (Midlife, Health, Wellness, Finance and Career). Use our proprietary tools to seamlessly integrate evolving lifestyle habits and related goals.

Accountability Works.

We deliver bold, mindful accountability for your most important goals and bravest vision.


What type of procrastinator are you?

What type of procrastinator are you?

Procrastination is a Harmful Habit.


We all do it. Even the most independent, determined, and driven among us.

Our programs and resources exist to ensure mindful action, freeing you from this timeless problem and resulting in new rhythms of accomplishment and purpose driven flow.

Are you ready?

Projects dragging on and on?

When was the last time you let a project that should have taken you a few weeks drag on for months? We’ve seen it all. Websites to revamp. Products to launch. A book to finish. Let’s get this thing done. Accountability Works.

Get It Done

"Getting to be a part of a value-based group outside my normal life - and "playing" with KICK-ASS accountability partners was a game changer for how I discern what I have control over, what's important, and how to get things done."

Joy Margolis



Struggling with being consistent?

You mean to send your newsletter out every week, to post to social media regularly…you even made a calendar but for some reason you can’t keep it all together. What about the meditation practice you’ve been meaning to commit to...for the last10 years? Accountability Works.

Take Consistent Action

The past 12 weeks, despite traveling extensively and while having fun, I have been able to identify major challenges in my life. I then set out to work on them religiously. As a result, I have been more productive and am developing healthy habits again. I am re-energized and can feel my inner power gaining strength."

Pilar Lazaro

Trouble getting started?

How many ideas have you wanted to explore and not followed through on? That side business you’ve been meaning to get off the ground. Taking a deep dive into your finances and finally getting them figured out. Taking that next step in your education. Accountability Works.

Get Started Now

“I knew I wanted to grow my business but I wasn’t sure where to start or how to make things happen. Accountability Works provided me with the space and tools to prioritize and start checking action items off my list. That was over a year ago. Since then my practice has doubled and I’ve put so many systems in place for my business to run more smoothly.” 

Deborah Croan

Free Downloads

Free Downloads

You are about to arrive.

We help you…

Capture your vision.

Map your goals.

Create your strategy.

Track your commitments.

Mindful Accountability™.

Until you reach your Destination.


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