The Planning Sessions

Want expert help with planning your year and staying accountable to your plan?

Not everyone is a born planner, or maybe you are, but still find it hard to prioritize in the face of everything else demanding your attention.

As your trusted planning partners, we will ensure that this critical activity gets done, not once, but throughout the year. 

In this exclusive offering, you will get 1:1 expert help from a trained Accountability Works coach and planning expert. With over 10 years of experience in helping our clients take ideas and lay them out into clear, concise action steps that have impact and create results, we know the difference that consistent planning makes.

This is an ideal option, if you:

  • Have a lot you want to accomplish, but struggle with figuring out where to start, and what to focus on
  • Are good with the big ideas, but not as clear on execution and laying out a strategy
  • Make great plans but rarely check in on them or revise them throughout the year
  • Have been missing the touchstone our program provides for your goals, but can’t commit to a whole year of weekly accountability
  • Really want a partner that is going to ensure you make planning ahead a priority so you experience less stress and overwhelm

Together, we will not only plan your year, we will revisit your plan every quarter and at the end of the year, wrap-up and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Giving you the consistency and accountability you need.

Planning Sessions Include:

  • (5) 1:1 Calls 
    • (1) 90-min Year Planning Call 
    • (3) 60-min Quarterly Reflection + Planning Calls
    • (1) 60-min Year in Review Call
  • In-depth Planning Questionnaire to help you prepare 
  • Accountability Works Quarterly Planner

You will walk away from our meetings organized instead of overwhelmed, grounded yet lighter, and having created the space to do the things that are most important to you. 

Investment: $1499

Work with Us

A few years ago, I googled Accountability coach in hopes of learning how to stay committed to things I wanted to accomplish. That is when I found Accountability Works. What I ended up with was beyond what I ever thought. I've learned and continue to learn so much about myself, my habits and being consistent. Ali & Marissa are amazing coaches and have helped me to really feel confident that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Amanda Foss

Seeing that all my best-laid plans for 2020 went up in flames with the arrival of the pandemic, I made a quick pivot to make sure my mind, body, and business stayed healthy. And the first call I made was to Accountability Works. I began by reframing my goals and set the processes that I needed to have a great year both personally and in business. I knew that I needed support to stay positive and to shine a light on areas that needed attention. Because I made the decision to invest in myself, I have finally broken through my self-imposed barriers and had the best year in my business. 

I am so appreciative of the support, coaching, and extraordinary care that Accountability Works has brought to my life. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to live a positive and dynamic life!

Mia Teetsel

Ali didn’t let me fall down my own rabbit holes, allow doubt to push me away from the work, or distract myself with projects that weren’t going to give me results. Through example and action, she taught me how to identify and override these chronic habits. I feel far more capable to prioritize, plan, and execute after working with Ali.

Kate Sadowsky

Frequently Asked Questions

12 weeks of total focus and attention on YOU and YOUR GOALS.

What types of goals do your private accountability coaching clients set? Our private accountability coaching clients are primarily small business owners or solorpreneurs. They are often holding various team members accountable but they have no one holding them accountable. They set financial, sales, marketing, systems, hiring, and retention goals. However, since our program also includes Personal Foundation our clients have a place to focus on healthy habits and routines that support connection to self and others, overall health, and stress management. 

Why do you require a 12-week commitment? We do offer stand along planning sessions. However, the people who sign up for our private coaching want the structure and support that our program provides. They want someone to be accountable for the most high impact actions in theA pre-session Strategy workshop to help you define the results you want and the best course of action to achieve them in 12 weeks.

12 weekly, 30-minute, one on one video conference calls with an experienced coach holding you accountable to your weekly commitments,

Bi-weekly review of your Strategy to assess progress and identify areas that need attention or problem-solving.

An Accountability Tracker to help you organize your commitments, prepare for each meeting, and get the most out of your session.

24/7 support from the community -- motivated people like you who want to succeed and more importantly, want YOU to succeed.

Accountability Works.

We deliver bold, compassionate accountability for your most pressing goals and bravest vision.

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