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Accountability Works Certification Program

A principle-based approach to coaching.

What is Accountability Works™?

Accountability Works™ is a unique methodology for working with individuals and small groups to support the creation and completion of goals and projects, to instill positive habits, and to initiate change in areas that are calling for it. We rely on a clear structure for working with our clients that has proven to keep people focused and progressing towards their long held visions for their lives. We use commitment, accountability, and direct honest feedback to drive awareness and motivate action but we also emphasize that this is a non-judgmental learning process that requires empathy and self-compassion from coaches and participants.

Ali Schiller developed this program after spending over a decade studying and practicing accountability in a corporate training environment and facilitating personal development workshops. Now as a coach and trainer to entrepreneurs, her approach is holistic. She encourages her clients to look at their business and personal life as deeply intertwined, and to work on both simultaneously, as they move towards the big outcomes they desire.

How are Accountability Works™ Certified Coaches Using Their Training?

Our certified coaches are using the Accountability Works™ methodology to work in different areas of business, fitness, parental, leadership, and spiritual coaching.

There is also a demand for accountability within large organizations. We have helped corporate leadership teams adopt the Accountability Works™ method to facilitate communication and enhance follow through in the areas of strategic planning, mission statements, and corporate vision.

Why is certification required?

Ali Schiller developed the certification program in direct response to her clients that valued the process, experienced the results, and wanted to share the program with their own clients.

Her approach is unique from other styles of coaching in that every session follows a very specific format. The methodology uses several different tools and a clear model for direct honest feedback that are based on the 5 foundational principles of the program.

Becoming certified requires a large time commitment, study, and practice. Our standards are high and we want only those that truly understand the principles and have gone through the process to coach individuals or lead groups. We are helping people change the parts of their lives that are most important to them and we appreciate that it is an honor and privilege to do this work.


  • You must have completed the 1-Year Small Group Accountability Works® Program.
  • You must fill out a detailed application (applications available up request)
  • You must receive approval from the trainer.
  • You must commit to 3 months of intensive study, weekly meetings, homework, and reading assignments.

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