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Map it! is a 1-Page Plan designed for driven professionals to organize and accomplish their goals...fast. 12 weeks fast.

Now is the time to start. 

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  • Leverage the power of short-term goals. When you have clearly written goals with a deadline you've taken the important step of committing to what you want. 12 weeks is long enough to accomplish a significant goal but close enough to stay engaged and see it through.
  • Focus and take aligned action. We believe in simplicity. We use the 3-3-5 system to keep things easy to remember and do. Knowing where to invest your time, talent and energy is half the battle. This map will give you the tools you need to take strategic weekly action towards your goals.
  • The #1 mindset shift to keep you on track. At Accountability Works we never create a plan without considering this. It's what keeps you moving forward even when it's most challenging. 

Accountability Works.

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