Fall Small Group Membership Now Open

Program Dates:

September 26 – December 16, 2022

Registration Closes Thursday, September 22, 2022

In the Accountability Works® 12-Week Fall Session, you’ll get:

Week 1

Kicks off with a 45-minute 1:1 planning call with your coach to set your goals, create a strategy for accomplishing them and decide on your personal foundation. It’s important that you take the time to set the right goals, that’s why we work with you individually to make sure they are aligned with your vision and high impact. Our clients typically leave this call with a sense of relief, clarity, and an ambitious yet doable plan for the quarter. 

Weeks 2-11

Small group (3 people max) 1-hr coaching calls. The weekly accountability meeting is the cornerstone of our program and what sets it apart. Every week you are consistently working towards your goals. You are held accountable to your commitments which are the exact actions that might otherwise fall by the wayside or be forgotten. Taking consistent action is essential to accomplishing your goals but it translates into every area of your life.

Week 12

Wrap Up + Review Call. Although you will still have commitments to complete and check in on, the format of this call is different. Every goal you set is a learning process. It is easy to overlook the important lessons because once you complete a goal, human nature is to focus on the next one. We encourage you to pause, take note of all you gained and learned and this call is set up for just that. Many of our clients report this is their favorite call of the session. Often they don’t even remember how far they’ve come in 12 short weeks!

Introducing the Accountability Works App!

Your membership includes our proprietary Accountability Works App. It’s important to have one place to see your weekly commitments, phases of your strategy, and your goals. This means there is no forgetting what you are working on. It also creates transparency between you, your group members and your coach. This way you can see everything you’ve accomplished, update your strategy and check in every week on your commitments as you work towards completing your goals.

Support + Community

This is not an anonymous program where you work online by yourself. We believe in bringing together real people, in real time, who want to make significant, measurable progress on their goals. You can not underestimate the value that comes from being in a co-hort of like-minded, growth-oriented individuals who are all there to be accountable to their goals. Couple that with a skilled accountability coach and you have the perfect combination of support and community that makes our program so effective.

Not sure what to expect? Listen to our members.

When I discovered Accountability Works I had just expanded my booming rehabilitation practice. I was overwhelmed.  I needed help clarifying what my goals were and how to achieve them. In my first twelve weeks with Accountability Works my team and I achieved more than we ever had.  It was stunning.  I tell every small business owner that I meet about Accountability Works.  Clarifying what actions need to be done to move forward as well as being held accountable for those actions is life changing.

Katey Blehm

Owner, Colorado Springs Therapy Center

It’s so much fun on week 12, to look back to Week 1 and what I was working on. Even though sometimes weekly it doesn’t feel like I’ve done all that much, when I look back I can see how far I’ve come. And when I scroll through my notes from this time last year or this time two years ago, I’m amazed at how much I’ve accomplished.

Karen Sergeant

Operations Consultant for Small Businesses, The Team/Work Edit


Once you commit, we are here to help you get there.

Accountability Works.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I have to choose whether to work on professional or personal goals?

We encourage you to work on both personal and professional goals and you will find your group members will have an interesting mix of goals as well. Regardless of the goals you set, we encourage everyone to have a Personal Foundation. These are the habits and routines that help you feel your best. 

How is your small group program structured?

Week 1 of your session is a private 45-minute call with your coach. During this call your coach will help you set your goals and outline a strategy for accomplishing each one. Weeks 2-12 you meet with your small group for up to 1-hour on the same day and time each week. All meetings are led by an Accountability Works® certified coach who will hold everyone accountable, provide feedback along with your group members, and keep everyone on track.

How am I placed into a group?

We place you in your group depending on your goals and availability. When you enroll in our program you fill out an intake questionnaire. We use your answers from the questionnaire and your private call to confirm your placement. We take extra care to make sure we place you in the right group for you and your goals. 

How does your program differ from other accountability groups?

It’s common for a couple of friends or a small group of colleagues to get together to set goals and hold each other accountable. It’s rare for it to stick. You can usually attribute that to one of two reasons.

1) People generally want to be positive and uplifting therefore won’t give you constructive feedback because it feels uncomfortable. Although we always come from a compassionate, non-judgmental place being an accountability coach requires that we don’t shy away from direct, honest feedback

2) The level of commitment drops off which brings the morale of the group down and eventually it falls apart. Even when you have the best of intentions, people get busy and let’s face it, showing up when you haven’t done what you said you were going to do, is tough. Our program is paid, so everyone has a monetary commitment to the program and to showing up. You have a coach there to manage the group, hold others accountable, and provide you with the accountability that you want as well. Most people don’t know what accountability means or how to hold each other accountable. Our coaches go through a rigorous training process and that creates a much tighter, conducive space for creating results. 

What if I can’t make every single meeting?

We ask all our group members to attend every meeting. Missing your calls impacts your momentum and the momentum of the group. However, in the event that you must miss, communication is key. We have a process that you follow to ensure that you and your group don’t miss a beat. That being said, if you plan to miss more than 2 meetings over the next 12 weeks, this is not the right time to join our program. 

What is the investment?

Our small group coaching program is $325/month for 3 months. If you would like to inquire about our private coaching services click here

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you aren’t ready to fully commit you have 30 days to let us know and you will receive a full refund.


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