Where are you headed?

Accountability Works

ensures you stay focused

and get there

Where are you headed? 

Accountability Works®

Ensures you stay focused

and get there.

You are driven. Independent. And determined.

You know how to get things done.

But still things are falling by the wayside. 

Why is that?

No one is holding you accountable. 

You need help. 

You need help focusing, simplifying, and prioritizing.

The day-to-day actions, habits, and routines you put into action make all the difference.

And while you might be attracted to that next shiny idea or thing,

We won’t let you forget what you set out to accomplish. Until it’s done.

I reached a point with my business and employees where I felt like I had many opportunities ahead of me, and was stuck trying to figure out what to go after and which would benefit the most. Ali’s program got me moving, got me to lay out what was important, and one step at a time accomplish tasks that got the ball rolling. The result was I looked back after 12 weeks, and was amazed at what I had done, but more importantly, amazed at which of the opportunities became obvious to focus on. I would recommend this program to any person, whether you have employees or not, who wants to further their growth and put an action plan in place and GET MOVING!

Darren Hicks

President & Owner, Hicks Professional Group

12-week Private Coaching Includes:

1- 45-minute Vision + Goal setting session

10 – 45-minute weekly accountability calls

1 – 45-minute wrap-up and review

Ali didn’t let me fall down my own rabbit holes, allow doubt to push me away from the work, or distract myself with projects that weren’t going to give me results. Through example and action, she taught me how to identify and override these chronic habits. I feel far more capable to prioritize, plan, and execute after working with Ali.

Kate Sadowsky


Ali has helped me segment the essential from the non-essential, allowing us to focus with laser like accuracy, on things that really matter. 

Katrina Bantug

President & CEO, Foris Media Group