I’m Ali Schiller

— and I’m here to show you how an open-hearted accountability practice can literally change your life.

It changed mine, for starters.



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I was 27 and lost. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with my career. My engineering degree seemed like a big mistake since I was bored stiff in the profession. I’d held 5 jobs in the 5 years since I’d graduated college. I’d just decided to go into real estate so I could make money and buy some time until I figured things out.

Being my own boss, meant I had to:

1) overcome procrastination

2) follow through

3) be consistent

You know what you need to do, but do you actually do it? For me the answer was sometimes. Which was simply not good enough when I had so much at stake. If I didn’t sell any real estate I wasn’t going to make any money. I had no side job and very little savings so I had to make it work. I decided to ask 3 other people if they wanted to meet to work on our businesses together. We’d talk about what we were working on, what we wanted to accomplish that week, and then we’d meet again and report back how it went. It became my first accountability group. We decided to meet for 90 days. I set two big goals, to sell one house and run a marathon.

By the end of the 90 days,

I made over $20k selling my first home AND

I trained for the Big Sur Marathon. I completed it a month later.

Over the next five years, I used that group to help me realize many of my biggest dreams. I made money, I paid off debt, I got married, bought a home, had my two children, and bought my dream property in Costa Rica. It wasn’t magic. Every single week I was picking out the things that were most important to me and getting them done. I was by no means perfect and some weeks it was a total fail. But I always had a place to go and re-group, see what was in my way, and begin again.

There was no more falling off the wagon because now the wagon had people in it that picked me back up.

Eventually, I started leading groups to help other people grow their businesses. As it turns out the program is amazing at increasing sales and productivity but it also gives you a format for working on your personal life too. I loved holding people accountable to their goals and that’s when I knew I found my path. In 2012, after leading groups for more than 5 years, I started Accountability Works.

Today, I count among my clients some of the most motivated and savvy business people I know.

And they are so much more. They are dedicated to spending quality time with their families. They take their health and wellbeing seriously. They value being organized. They make time for the practices that help them be more calm and present. They create space in their lives by saying no, doing less, delegating, and asking for help. I know this because that’s what I hold them accountable to. It is a simple formula.

small steps + accountability + direct honest feedback = results

The truth is I don’t know where I’d be without accountability. It changed my life. It took me from being a somewhat lost, stuck young women, who was trying everything and succeeding at nothing and gave me confidence. Every week, step by step, I was working on my dreams. Whether it was buying land in Costa Rica, starting my own business, or moving to Santa Barbara – I’ve made my dreams a reality and I’m proud of that. I also know I did none of those things alone. I’ve had a wonderful husband, family, friends, and always always my accountability group keeping me on track and evolving into a better version of myself.

If you are ready to make a change in your own life,

all you have to do is:


1) decide what you want,

2) commit to the small steps that are going to get you there,

3) be accountable to make sure you stay the course.

Ali has helped me segment the essential from the non-essential, allowing us to focus with laser like accuracy, on things that really matter. Most of all, when one is willing to put in the work, it helps me actualize my full potential, creating the rocket booster to reach my dreams!

Katrina Bantug

3d Vizion President & CEO

Imagine how you’d feel

if every week,

you were clear & focused,

and taking action toward your dream.


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