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The Accountability Works Group Guide - Accountability Works

Attention Goal-Setters:

You know how much you’d benefit from having an accountability partner or group but you have no idea how it works or where to start…

We have the how-to guide for you!

The Accountability Works Group Guide:

Our Proven Process for Accomplishing More Together

While having fun! 

Here’s our (not-so-secret) secret:

Accountability Works.


We’ve packaged a decade of knowledge and experience into this easy to use guide.


There isn’t a single resource out there like it (we’ve looked).



Accountability makes all the difference!

Have you felt frustrated by setting goals and then not making it to the finish line? You start out super excited only to lose steam and focus. You are not alone. 92% of people who say they set New Year’s goals have given up by January 15th. 92%! The good news is that you can be in the 8% that have figured out how to stick to their goals and are changing their lives. You know what they figured out? Accountability Works.

At Accountability Works we’ve helped thousands of people accomplish their goals via the same process you will learn in this guide. We will teach you to leverage the power of your peers (as in no more going at it alone) to stop procrastination, shiny new object syndrome, and distraction in their tracks. In an hour or less a week you will begin to see a major difference in your level of commitment to your goals and that commitment translates to RESULTS. The best part? We know how to make accountability enjoyable. You get to build strong connections, do work that’s important to you, all while helping others do the same.


Imagine what it would be like to accomplish your goals – NOW

That could mean you launched your website, product, or course. Or perhaps it means you increased your revenue, number of clients, or are finally scaling your business. Maybe the looks like something more personal – you are getting up earlier and meditating and exercising. You are spending more time with family and friends. You have a life you enjoy again. Whatever the result you are seeking is…you are no longer climbing towards it and never feeling any closer. No more berating yourself for not doing enough. No more watching others do what you know you are capable of. We are talking wind in your hair, arms outstretched, I finally did it – kind of mountaintop.

Your Accountability Expert

For the past 10 years, Ali Schiller has perfected the Accountability Works® 5-Step Process for Accomplishing Your Goals. She has helped hundreds of people set and accomplish their goals through her programs, coaching, and small groups. She was a featured guest coach for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Goal Standard Challenge where she helped over 25,000 participants. 

Will it work for me? 

The Accountability Group Guide: Put Community Around Your Goals and Accomplish More Together will:

  • Give you a simple process that is structured, repeatable, and that will work quickly. Think of all you could get done in 12 weeks if you didn’t stray, get discouraged, or move on to the next thing.
  • Utilize the little understood and often overlooked power of the Observer Effect.
  • Make reaching your goals way more fun and far less lonely. Seriously, when you make it fun you get it done.

It worked for them…

In three months, I updated my website, raised my rates, secured two new clients, and paid off over $10k in debt.
Delfin Lazaro

Coder & Musician, Lazaro Consulting

For me accountability is reporting in – having someone hold my feet to the fire. If left to my own devices, working alone, I procrastinate and waste time. It’s incredibly reinforcing to have a team that is excited when I’m winning and who won’t allow excuses.
Rhonda Mayer

Founder, Community Training Connection

Getting to be a part of a value-based group outside my normal life – and “playing” with KICK-ASS accountability partners was a game changer for how I discern what I have control over, what’s important, and how to get things done.
Joy Margolis

Independent Business Counsel, JOY for Creators

What’s in the guide? 

In the Accountability Group Guide you’ll get: 

  • Our checklists for forming your group or partnership and tracking your goals. We love feeling prepared and organized and we want you to feel that way too!
  • Our word for word email templates you can use to invite people to join your group. No awkward bumbling.
  • The exact agendas we use in our own meetings so that you are never wondering what to do, say, or what’s next.


And you’ll get it all today for $19.

Yes, for less than twenty bucks, you can not only be paving the path to your big goals but also helping others do the same.

How much has procrastination and falling off track cost you so far? Clients, revenue, stress, anxiety? Has it cost you cuddle time with your kiddos? How about peace of mind? 

Try It Risk Free: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason let us know and you will receive a 100% refund.

P.S. The Accountability Group Guide comes from over 10 years of leading accountability groups and perfecting the process so that not only are you succeeding but you are succeeding together. We have helped hundreds of clients reach their personal and professional goals while kicking procrastination, distraction, and shiny new object syndrome to the curb. For just $19 you can take a giant leap forward, 100% risk free. Why wait?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accountability group?

A small group of people that meets regularly to hold each other accountable to their goals. You decide what you want to accomplish and then you meet to check in and provide non-judgmental observation and feedback.

How many people do I need to form a group?

One other committed and ambitious peer is enough. However you can also form a larger group. The guide is not specific to the number of people although we do share our best practices and what’s worked for us after years of running accountability groups.

How will forming an accountability group help me reach my goals?

Studies show that 92% of people that set New Year’s Goals do not reach them and in fact, give up by January 15th. That’s 2 weeks later. However, the other 8% are doing things differently. They write down their goals and create a plan of action. Doing that gets you up to a 50% completion rate. If you add on a regular accountability meeting you see completion rates get as high as 85-95%.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know and we will return 100% of your money back.

How long will it take to get access to the guide?

As soon as you purchase the guide a delivery email will be sent to the email address you provided with a link to download.

The Accountability Group Guide:

Put Community Around Your Goals and Accomplish More Together 

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