The number #1 Question we’ve been getting from our clients –  what do I need to focus on in order to grow my business?

Sales versus Marketing

The advice I give is always the same. SALES. These days most people refer to this as marketing but I think that’s confusing because marketing can mean so many different things and you can spend a lot of time on “marketing” without seeing any results. When you focus on sales you are focused on the end result and you will pivot and learn faster.

If you have a long list of things you are working on in your business and none of them are directly related to the end result you are looking for…why is that? Yes, you can spend endless hours creating content, building your list, tweaking your website, to eventually sell something to someone but why wait? What do you have to offer right now and how can you get it in front of people that know, like, and trust you fastest?

Online Marketing

Online marketing is awesome, but it’s the long game. We have people sign up for our programs that have been hearing from us for years. Yes, it happens faster but for the most part sales is about building relationships with people and that takes time. So when you have a product or service to offer the easiest place to start is the relationships you already have established. That could mean meeting people in person. Or picking up the phone. Or reaching out personally over email. Chances are you know people that can benefit from your product or service that you just aren’t talking to, why is that?

So take this as your friendly reminder to get out there. Remember to get clear on the results you want to see – 24 workshop sign ups, 6 one on one clients, 300 widgets sold, 40 courses sold. At Accountability Works we see people choose one of two paths, committing to the activities or to the results. We favor a combination of the two. For example, one of our clients commits to 24 contacts a week because she knows exactly how many sales she needs to make, 3 a month, and so if she consistently makes those contacts it works. That might seem hard to you but for her it means a multiple six figure business and it’s worth it. Figure out what works for you and commit.

Set Goals

We also are always proponents of doable goals. So pick something that is a stretch but in the realm of possibility. Once you hit that number you can stretch again and again and so forth. Good luck and get after it. Need help, check out our accountability coaching. We love helping you commit to and accomplish your goals. Especially when the #1 Question we’ve been getting from our clients is what to focus on now? Focus is our zone of genius.