Happy New Year! Every year I like to start off with a new theme and usually I know what it is long before the new year rolls around. Last year it was intuition. In retrospect, I think I knew on some level I was operating from my head too much and my heart too little and I wasn’t listening. 2017 came with some hard lessons that humbled me, forced me to stop, and gave me no choice but to listen.

Intuition as my theme had me: 

  • Read several esoteric books I might not otherwise have picked up.
  • Spend over 42 hours and 47 minutes in meditation.
  • Got me into psychic readings, healing ceremonies, astrology, and the tarot.
  • Connected me to my spirit guides.
  • And attracted into my world some of the most connected and spiritual people I have ever met.

Intuition served me well at a time when I truly needed it.

This year I have a new theme. I pulled cards this year from a Tarot deck I was gifted for my birthday. It’s kind of amazing so if you want to get your own I highly recommend this one. I was delighted to find that for a yearly reading you pull one card for each month and one as a theme for the year. For my theme, I got a card that means teamwork, determination, and focus. Of these 3 words the one that captures my heart the most is teamwork. I have assembled an amazing crew around me in every aspect of my life – my family, my friendships, my business and yet even so I have a largely go it alone, do it alone, make it happen alone attitude and disposition. This is something that I would like to change about myself in 2018.

One of the main reasons I started accountability groups in the first place was that I recognized the power of the collective – the gravity it added to my sense of commitment, the focus it strengthened, and the wisdom I gained from others. However, in transitioning from member to leader I lost an important word – team. I am so thrilled by this theme, it feels nourishing, well timed, and like the next step on my path.

So what is your theme for 2018? If you’ve known for a while awesome. If you have no idea, ask yourself, and sit with the question gently, no need to force it. When you hit it you will know. You will have a feeling of excitement. Like a new adventure is about to begin. When you have your theme please share it with me. I love hearing your themes!