Happy New Year! Every year I like to start off with a new theme and usually I know what it is long before the new year rolls around. My 2018 theme was teamwork. It was probably the most important and transformative theme I can remember picking. 

Here’s what I learned about teamwork in 2018:

  • I partnered with my husband as co-Presidents of our children’s school foundation. Our term started in September 2017 and it was a bumpy ride at first but then on January 9, 2018 the Montecito Debris Flow took place and our community was changed forever. Fundraising became imperative and the task ballooned from raising $125,000 to $400,000. We learned a lot about each other and we offered our whole selves to the task. There was plenty of stress and endless hours offered in service but at the end of it we were much better friends and life partners for the experience.
  • Raising money for the school dominated the first 5 months of the year. I co-chaired a 175 person fundraiser with one of my dearest friends. I felt so lucky to have her experience and support. We had a talented and dedicated group of people serving on various committees and in small subgroups. The saying “many hands make light work” is absolutely true and was a huge lesson for me. I asked for help and accepted it at every turn.
  • I learned about real teamwork in my business. I’ve worked with coaches and contractors over the years. I’ve had assistants and I’ve trained new coaches. But I’ve never had someone come in and understand and be driven by the mission of the business before. Marissa Boisvert originally started working with Accountability Works as a coach but over the two years we’ve worked together she has become a trusted advisor and her role has morphed and changed into managing many aspects of the business. Formal announcement to come but I will say that Marissa has been a true partner in business and 2019 will reflect that.

Teamwork as my theme effected my life in the realm of marriage, friendships, and business. I reflected on my theme often and found it so interesting how the year unfolded the way it did. You can read my post from last year on how I selected teamwork as my theme.

This year I have a new theme. Usually I know my theme for days or weeks ahead of time. This year it came to me yesterday as I was out in the most beautiful and serene setting cross country skiing. The world was so quiet and I felt deeply at peace. I felt good in my body as I moved through the snow. I felt grateful to be spending the time with my family and friends but also to be in silence.

In the quiet reverence my theme was clear.

My theme for 2019 is service. This seems very apt as next week I will begin working with an organization called Leading from Within. As one of their fellows I will learn how to use my private sector business experience to have a greater impact and serve the community via various non-profits. It’s an 18-month program and something I was thrilled to be accepted into. If I learned anything last year, its that working with others to make a positive difference is a place I thrive. Accountability Works has always been about helping people take their business and their ideas to the next level. Now, I’m excited to see how we can share our work with various non-profits to help them to do the same. I know I have so much to learn and this theme will be as much of a challenge as it is a call to action.

What is your theme for 2019? I’d love to hear!