This month we’ve been working overtime on creating ways for people to get in touch with what they want. One of the ways is the 4 Word Meditation included here. The purpose of this meditation is to allow how you want to feel to surface. I used to think I wanted to feel powerful, present, beautiful, and nurturing. Those words sound really great to me and when I read them, I think yes, that’s awesome! But those words all came from my mind and how I think I want to feel. When I got into a quiet space and meditated totally different words came up – unique, free, comfort, and appreciation. Why does it matter? Because how I want to feel drives a lot of my decisions and getting clarity on where my decision making lies makes me smarter, more in tune with myself, and able to create the experiences I want to have with more ease and less disappointment. It also allows me to communicate what I need to others which we all know is huge.

Try the meditation and let us know what you came up with. It’s really fun to see what pops up.

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