This should have been a really hard week for me. It’s the busiest most stressful time in my business. But instead I laughed and laughed. I love you for that. I love you for how good you feel and how much light you bring into my life.

And I know some weeks you felt like you weren’t making any progress.

I know it was hard. I know some weeks you dreaded what I was going to say.

But look at you now. You are meditating everyday (damn, girl), you are doing yoga 3 times a week – 3 times!.

Your website is ready to go up! You started your blog!

You read your 1-page plan week after week. You made your vision board. Goals-it's not what you get, it's who you become. (1)

You did your taxes. You lost 5 – 7 – 10 lbs! You sold a lot of STUFF!

You got ready to give birth (I wish I had thought to do that).

You reached out to friends and told them about your new business.

You finished your certification. You read so many BOOKS! You walked thousands and thousands of steps.

You drew, and wrote, and went on Artist’s dates. You dated, you met someone – yay!

You went to counseling, you started a second business, you started teaching, you got organized with your time, your money, and your attic.

You weathered illness, you took care of others, and you had some heartbreaks.

You were brave, you were vulnerable, you were full of determination.

I love working with you, I’m so proud of you, and you’ve taught me that it’s not what you want, it’s who you become in the process.