I have people across many of the groups making a commitment to read their Visions daily with great results. We all know that clarity and awareness are good things to have but we can struggle with finding practical ways to be more clear. Having a Vision and reading it regularly is a very handy tool. A Vision is a written document that paints a clear picture of what your best life looks like. I tend to think being too future focused can lead to disconnecting from the present. But in truth reading your Vision daily connects you more deeply to what is already working in your life and opens you up to seeing the opportunities that are in alignment with your Vision.

MedicantI always begin writing my Vision with a meditation. I think beginning with a meditation rather than starting with putting pen to paper is an easy way to get into a creative space. Although I’ve put myself through this process many times I’m curious what you all think so please send me your feedback.

To do the exercise all you have to do is click the link below and have a clean sheet of paper and something to write with ready for after the meditation. The meditation is about 7 minutes long, so depending on how much you write afterwards it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete. When you  begin to write keep in mind that you should write in the present tense and use only positive words. For instance, if in the future you see yourself debt-free, don’t use the word debt, since that has a negative connotation, instead try financially free or independent.

Part 1: A Meditation For Vision

Have fun with it!

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