When we kick-off a new session we begin with the question: 

What do you want to do accomplish over the next 12 weeks? 

The answers vary from person to person. Most everyone has both professional and personal goals they want to work on. Revenue, systems, organization, launching a program or website. On the personal side, habits like meditation, regular exercise, journaling. There are also finances to manage, money to save, debt to pay off, and so very much to declutter and organize including your time. And those are the answers that are the easiest to give because they are the things that make up our “get it done” lists. 

But accomplishing everything on your “get it done” list is not the secret sauce.

The secret sauce is the vision you have for what you want your life to look like. That is what drives all goals in the first place. You don’t dream of  a building out a passive income stream for the love of sales funnels (or at least not in my experience) you dream of it because you can see yourself kicking back in your beach chair, your love by your side, and your kids playing in the waves while you giggle together at their antics, totally present and relaxed.

So whenever you’ve gone through a deep period of focus. Whenever you’ve set your sights on your goals and steadily worked towards them your tendency is to measure your progress on how many of the boxes you were able to check off the list. And don’t get me wrong I love checking boxes off the list. However if we stop there we might miss the bigger picture and set ourselves up for cycles of more work without making the progress towards what we actually want to achieve so instead,

Did you make progress towards living your vision? 

If you got a lot done but you are no closer to your vision than you might be setting the wrong goals. If you got a lot done and you can see yourself even one step closer than congratulations you are right on track! For example, in the last session I wanted to streamline my enrollment process. This was very tedious and tech heavy work and I had a ton of resistance to doing it. However, my vision is to scale my business so I can I have time and financial freedom to enjoy with my family. I want to build our home and spend our summers in Costa Rica. Yesterday, I was volunteering at their school while people were signing up for the next session. The system I built was working without any input from me or any work on my part and I felt the freedom. It’s not taking the summer off but it’s a big step closer and it inspired me to keep going for my dream.

Remember that our tendency is to continue doing what we’ve always done. This re-cap exercise is so important because it allows you to see if continuing on your current path is the right one. If it’s not change it up, if it is keep going!

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