When my husband asked me what my big goals were for this year, my answer was – a thousand little things.

After all these years of articulating my vision, setting goals and making commitments, I’m starting to understand that my power comes not in one big grandiose moment but in a thousand tiny ones. In all the moments that I show up for myself, for my family, in my work, and in my community. So yes, I have a vision of wonderful health and plenty of travel and family time. I see Accountability Works continuing to grow and serve. I see myself transforming the Costa Rica land into a sanctuary and retreat space.

As I peer into the future what I can imagine for myself informs what I choose to work on today. Just as we did with our members last week, I too set goals aligned with my vision. I thought through each one and how I would go about accomplishing it. I know where to place my focus as we begin the year.

My favorite cup in the world.

And so when you ask me what I’m doing this year, I will not mention the big goals I set for myself, I will say a thousand little things. Like each little thing I do as part of my morning ritual. And the little things I do the night before to make that morning time possible. Because any worthwhile goal is accomplished from deciding every day that what you have set out to do is important. From over and over again saying yes to the part of you that wants to grow and saying no to the part of you that wants to stay the same.

And sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is talking. The part that wants to stay the same sounds as much like you as the one that wants to grow. And sometimes it sounds like a lot more fun to stay the same. And so making that distinction requires deep listening and connection to what you want. Remembering that every choice has value.

So as you enter this year, whether your goals are big or small. Whether your vision is crystal clear or still forming, I will share something with you that a teacher shared with me.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. 

This year be intentional with the seeds you plant, but be patient too. Tend to them with care. It may take time, but the fruit will be worth it.