Top10things/Andy Noren/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I keep reflecting on a commitment that one of my group members made. She decided that for one week she would not buy anything new. Doesn’t sound too hard, especially since she gave herself the caveat of being able to buy food and toilet paper. Just no extras, no little impulse purchases, nothing for the kids or the house or herself. When the week was up and she checked in on her commitments, she said that she really liked that one because of how conscious it kept her and she noticed the things that she would have bought weren’t things that she really needed. It’s actually made me reluctant to shop ever since I heard that commitment. I have been avoiding catalogues, and stores in general. Instead I’ve been thinking about each person I’m shopping for this holiday for a lot longer than I normally would. It’s made me more conscious and intentional and it wasn’t even my commitment. So I wanted to share it and it’s wisdom with you, because I think we could all stand to be a little more conscious, consume a little more wisely, and remember that the best gift we can offer anyone is our full and loving presence.

What can you do to stay a little more present this holiday season?