I am excited to formally announce that Marissa Boisvert and I are now partners in Accountability Works!

Part of the Team

Marissa has been coaching at Accountability Works for the last two years. About a year into working with Marissa, I noticed that her presence was changing fundamentals about how we were running the business. It was changing for the better how we were serving clients, and I asked Marissa if she would consider partnering. Her reaction was immediately positive, but both of us knew it wasn’t something to be rushed into and that this was a conversation that would develop over time.

Synergistic Skill Sets

Soon after, tragedy struck in my community. I relied heavily on Marissa during those months. And I learned what our partnership might look like in the future. I’ve had a lot of support at Accountability Works over the years, but having someone love and value the work that you love and value is priceless. It was evident that we were a team, aligned in our vision, and synergistic in our skill set. I have to say, I appreciate Marissa’s insight into scaling an online business. From her experience working with top names in PR to launching her WANA (Where Awareness Nourishes Artistry) podcast. But more than those things, I love how much fun we have working together. I know I’m probably not supposed to say that, but it’s true.

It’s also not lost on me how funny it is that someone who studied engineering and someone who studied dance in college would find their careers coming together in this way…and yet despite our different ways of arriving here, it makes perfect sense.

Communication and Presence

I want our community to know that Marissa brings something new and special that I could never deliver on my own. Whereas my strengths are process and structure, Marissa’s strengths are communication and presence.

Together, we are redefining accountability as an act of mindfulness.

This reframe is everything I’ve been trying to define on my own but didn’t know how. As soon as I recognized the skills, experience, and words Marissa embodied, I knew I’d found what I’d been searching for. I am so excited for what we will share with the community and all our members moving forward. We will continue to offer our flagship small group coaching program, coaching certification, and private coaching, along with new content and ways to support you moving forward.

Leveling Up

This year will be a major up-level for us. In this realm action speaks louder than words so for now I will say thank you for being on this journey with us. Without your ongoing support and participation over the last six years, none of this would be possible.