We are excited to share our new program – Accountability Works for Teams We recognize the need for an effective way to manage team goals and accountability. Leaders recognize their most valued team members are working hard, while working differently, and balancing more than they’ve ever had to. Accountability Works for Teams provides the structure, focus and attention that is needed to thrive and succeed, while relieving pressure on leaders so they navigate an ever-changing landscape.


Your Most Valued Team Members

Accountability Works for Teams is a mindfulness-based, technology-tracked coaching program. We use scientifically proven methodologies to help your most valued team members set, track, and accomplish their goals consistently. Our weekly1:1 accountability coaching ensures your each member of your team is taking mindful action, advancing stated company outcomes, and staying engaged. Thus, resulting in the ability to adapt and move forward – faster.


Our AW for Teams 6-Month Program Includes: 

  • Two quarters of coaching with a one week break in between.
  • A 45-minute team kick-off call to understand company vision and organizational goals and how that translates to your team. We want to understand the important priorities and desired results along with areas of responsibility before we meet with individual team members. 
  • Each team member is then assigned their own AW coach. Each team member receives 1:1 coaching to ensure confidentiality, provide a weekly touchstone, and allow for discussion on personal goals that might not come up in a business setting, but are supportive of health and well-being.
  • 1:1 coaching begins with a 45-minute strategy session to set individual goals aligned with company goals and vision. It is followed by 11 weekly 45-minute accountability calls.
  • A 45-minute quarterly wrap-up call with each team member where we review accomplishments, completion rate, and lessons learned before we take a 1-week break to reset and set even stronger goals for the next quarter.
  • We provide a common language for effective performance management. Everyone on the team understands the meaning and is connected to vision, goals, commitment, and accountability. This keeps the team focused on what’s important even when the urgent and unexpected arise. 
  • Our customized web-based app records goals, organizes weekly action steps, and provides ongoing feedback on progress.


This Program was Designed for Companies that are:

  • Committed to continuous improvement
  • Intentional about the culture they’re creating 
  • Recognize that a yearly or even a quarterly review is not enough and see how this void impacts engagement, retention, and job satisfaction.
  • Innovative and willing to empower their team to take risks
  • Want to prevent burnout by encouraging wellness
  • In a position to invest in their team


Accountability Works for Teams is Delivered Virtually

Our coaching program is delivered virtually. As early adopters of Zoom, we are well-versed in creating meaningful connection online. Working virtually also allows us to work globally. Currently, our clients are in Asia, Europe, Mexico and the US – from Hawaii to New York.


“Having a weekly 45-minute meeting gives me the support and balance that I need. I’m really mindful in my decision-making. It’s made communication much easier across the team and company. We’re setting boundaries, following through on everything, showing up, being the professionals that we want to be. I am forever grateful.” – Jamie Gulino Davis, Sales Manager 

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