Latte LoveThe other day I woke up and decided to take a “me” day. A “me” day typically seems like a selfish proposition but watching my clients who take care of themselves has taught me, it’s not optional if you really want to thrive. I asked myself, “what can I do today that is going to feel really good?” I started by heading to my favorite coffee shop and getting the perfect latte. 

Then I went to the beach. I automatically feel grateful and filled up when I gaze out on the ocean. I decided to go to a beach I’d never been to in Summerland. It was practically empty and the perfect crisp morning for a brisk walk. I put in my headphones, listened to music that reminded me of me, and took in the gorgeous morning, feeling genuinely lucky to be alive and appreciating everything I saw. I was smiling my face off, saying “good morning” to everyone that passed.



sacred spaceAfterwards, I went to a place I’ve been wanting to check out since I moved to Santa Barbara called Sacred Space. The sweet woman who worked there offered me tea.  “Would you like green tea or herbal love?” I went for the love, because if someone is going to offer me “love” tea, how could I choose anything else. I took my cup of love, settled in my own private sacred space, and looked out into the lush garden and ocean beyond. I bought two books of poetry – Rumi and Hafiz – something I’ve never done before, and left with a smile on my face.

I thought what next? You know what I did? I went and picked up my little girl from preschool because I just wanted to hug her, this from the mom – the woman – who was maxed out, tapped, trudging just a few hours before. I went on to pick up my son at the end of his school day and truly played with my kids. This is what letting myself live looks like. Good Coffee. Music. The Beach. Sacred Spaces. Beauty. Tranquility. Love. Family. Play. What makes you come ALIVE? What makes you feel like dancing in the kitchen? Smiling at strangers? Hugging your loved ones with a joyful heart? Find it and do it…NOW.