Marissa and I decided to re-imagine the team offering that we had first introduced in 2020. We knew in order to effect the kind of change we were hoping to see throughout companies and culture we weren’t going to be able to coach individual team members. Instead, we needed to train them to hold their own team members accountable. We felt this would be a better fit for us and a greater benefit to our clients and so we started working on a Management Training, which includes a train-the-trainer model, where everything we teach is repeatable and scalable. That is precisely when we connected with Ann Catrina-Kligman. 

As Marissa worked out the details, and started to create the materials, Ann serendipitously showed up in my DMs. Ann and I go way back to when our kids were in preschool together, which is when I started Accountability Works. She had been working as a leader in large companies and was aware of our work and felt it met a need that was missing in the corporate world. How about that timing? Goosebumps.

Delivering Accountability at Scale

After a career in corporate America at companies ranging from early-stage startups to large enterprise organizations, Ann was ready to make a change. As AW’s first Chief Performance Officer, she brings 20 years of extensive C-level coaching, mentoring, program leadership and consulting expertise.

Accountability is something that is a struggle for many organizations especially as they are currently navigating multi-faceted work environments (in person, hybrid, remote). In meeting with us, she was impressed with AW’s mindful approach to accountability and how applicable our process is to the workplace — meeting the needs of managers and employees, no matter the industry or size of the organization. In today’s changing landscape, it’s more critical than ever to cultivate a way for employees to reach their goals through purposeful, trust-based sustained action.

Ann is excited about applying her experiences leading and optimizing high performing teams. She is looking forward to building and delivering high accountability cultures at scale. Ann leverages technology and employee-centered design thinking to make it easier to communicate and collaborate while fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging across organizations.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and her 14-year-old daughter, who inspires her interest in girl’s leadership and STEM education. An avid traveler and voracious reader, she enjoys a daily trail walk with Heidi, her longhaired chihuahua.

Please join us in welcoming Ann Catrina-Kligman to our leadership team.