So I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of lifestyle design. The idea has been in my head since I heard Michael Hyatt speak about the three different ways that people go through life. sail dubrovnik BRACERA

You have the drifters and they may have some idea of where they want to go but for the most part they allow themselves to get swept along. The have dreams and desires but months even years can go by without them taking any action to make those things happen. They are easily distracted and they rarely end up where they intended and they aren’t sure why or where they went wrong.

Then you have the drivers. These are your checklist lovers, your achievers, they go, go, go, accumulating, achieving, always focused on the next thing. They are driven but they are always looking to the horizon rather than being in the here and now. Though they may get a lot done and appear to be quite successful in their chosen areas often they miss out on real happiness and fulfillment for the promise of it at some later time.

I appreciate what Hyatt said about drifters and drivers. He said that both are largely unconscious ways of going through life and both will get you to destinations you would not have chosen.

Then you have the designers. These are the people that are the deliberate architects of their stories. They practice self-care. They put emphasis on having a rich personal life experience. They believe in winning in business and in life not one at the expense of the other. They know what’s important to them and they do what matters.

I loved hearing this talk and at the end I thought, I am a lifestyle designer. That is what I do in my own life and that is what I help other people do. I had never thought of it in that way before so I wanted to share Hyatt’s ideas with you because I know if you are reading this you are a designer too.

You may get lazy and behave like a drifter or get a little nuts and let your inner driver loose but for the most part you are intentional about making your life what you want it to be. You are asking yourself questions like what’s important to me? What makes me happy? What makes me feel good? How can I take better care of myself and my loved ones? How can I give back?

Sometimes, being this way can be tough, it can seem more desirable to not care so much like a drifter, or just plow through like a driver, but you are designing the life that you want and each step allows you to enjoy the life you are creating more. Designing your life allows you to fully express who you are, and so even though it may be hard, it’s worth it and I just wanted to remind you of that.