My mentor, taught me long ago to write your Vision from a present tense, as if it were already done. I took those words to heart and always write things from that point of view. For example my Vision states, I am a good listener, rather than, I would like to be a good listener. It assumes that I have that thing which I want.

Journal Entry

So here I am connecting with my Vision daily, not only reading it but journaling about it. I’m also teaching a section this month on Vision. In other words I am steeping in Vision. Suddenly, I got “it is done” like I had heard it for the first time. I made the shift from pretending to knowing. I thought well if “it is done”, then I don’t have to feel that it might not happen, I don’t have to be scared or have fear that I’m not going to be able to “make” it happen. It is done, has power to it, because it shifts the energy from “making” to “allowing”. I know many may disagree with me on this point, but I just can’t emphasize enough how that shift motivated me to action. Things that I had been putting off I just wanted to jump up and do, so many new ideas where popping into my head at once I couldn’t scribble them down fast enough, it was like a floodgate opened because there wasn’t any fear in my way. Allowing means I don’t have to worry about the result and I can enjoy the steps. I posed this question to a client today, “what if you assumed it was already done, what would change in your actions?” She answered, “probably nothing, I just wouldn’t be afraid that I wasn’t good enough or that someone might say no.” I thought to myself, exactly.

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