Train Tracks/Jeramay Jannene/CC-BY-2.0

I had to write this post just because these words were spoken so many times today, “I’m so glad to be back on track”.  Today was the first day of the January accountability groups and it so happened that each group today was comprised of people that had been meeting last year and that had decided to continue after the holiday break. I found myself saying it too, really feeling that it does feel good to be back on track. I felt the same relief. Don’t get me wrong, it does feel good to let loose and say goodbye to the “get things done” attitude that prevails when we are “on track” but after awhile I think we all started to miss our commitments to get up early, to eat better, to exercise, to focus on our businesses, to be strategic, to create a plan and follow it. It’s time to get back on track and then that feels just as good. It’s almost a relief to say, okay this week I’m going to workout three times and have accountability around it. Or declare this is my plan of action, and these are steps I’m going to take to get the things I want done. Because as much as we intend to stay “on track” all the time, I think it’s important to have that downtime, to let things go a little bit, so that we can appreciate our routines, realizing that they keep us healthy, organized, and energized and when they grow tiresome or they begin to deplete rather than energize us, we can take that break, do a little bit of nothing, and then again remember why we enjoy being on track.


Need a little help getting “back on track”? Check out Accountability Works. January groups now enrolling here.