There is something to love about this time of year. Even though it’s been forever since I actually went back to school after a summer vacation, I still feel that internal shift. It could be the external world giving us clues or just good marketing but still change is happening. The giant September issues of the fashion magazines are out, the pumpkin spice latte appears on the menus of the coffee shops, and back to school shopping is underway. The big vacations happened, the songs that we would crank up at the beginning of summer are now irritating and we have to change the station, and even though the weather is still warm cozy fall sweaters are actually appealing. As I see the first day of school photos of my nieces and my friend’s children posted on Facebook they look excited and proud. For them it’s a new year which will bring new friends, new teachers, new subjects to learn, higher expectations, development. After spending all our formative years on this schedule I don’t think it’s something we shake just because we finished school. On some level we too are ready to go back, to learn something new, to experience change. We are actually looking forward to getting back on a routine. It’s a new beginning and it feels good to have this moment to start again. To recommit. To revisit what we set out to do at the beginning of the year and to take stock with just enough time left to have an impact. So in honor of this time of year I challenge you to ask yourself …

What did I set out to do this year and where am I at with it?

What can I accomplish by the end of this year?

What is up next for me?

What small thing can I incorporate into my routine now to achieve it?

Then commit.