Meet AW Coach Kelly Day O’Brien​

Yes, it’s finally fall! And it’s time for our quarterly Accountability Coach Q+A with Kelly Day O’Brien. It’s been such a pleasure getting to work with and coach Kelly over the last few years. I would say the two things that have stood out to me the most are her insight and her ability to stay grounded no matter how challenging the situation. Well, I guess I also should mention her wordsmithing because she has a knack for using the perfect word or analogy. It’s really a talent, and I always look forward to hearing her thoughts on a subject or the feedback she has to give. I’m sure her coaching clients will agree with me there. You may also have noticed that many of this year’s coaching recommendations have come from Kelly, so enjoy her more extensive list of recs below.


Why did you become a coach?

I love to connect with people with genuine curiosity and compassion to unlock their potential for positive change. I also strive to be an example of what’s possible when life’s challenges are reframed as opportunities.

Why are you an accountability coach for AW?

The AW framework is simple, elegant and effective. I appreciate that the process turns the idea of productivity on its head. Guiding and collaborating with clients as they gain insight and maximize learning on their way to a goal is incredibly energizing.

What are 2 values you embody and 1 you aspire to?

Curiosity and positivity.  Equanimity.

At this time, what practices make you feel your best and make up your Personal Foundation?

My husband and I meditate everyday after our morning coffee, which since the COVID lockdown has been outside–every day, rain, sleet or snow! I commit to moving for at least 15 minutes 5 times a week (often it’s far longer, but I know I can make at least 15 minutes happen no matter what!) And, I often commit to stretching out of my comfort zone.  This keeps me from getting too comfortable.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it and what did it feel like being at your edge?

This year I’ve been on what I call a spiritual sabbatical, exploring practices outside of my faith of origin. I recently participated in a program through a local Buddhist center focused on death and rebirth. Confronting my finitude was at times jarring, but ultimately the experience has been invigorating.

My favorite stress reliever is…

I actually have 2 “go-to” stress management tools. 

  1. Cooking—For me, it’s the perfect blend of creativity and process. You have to focus on the task at hand. 
  2. Dancing—Nothing like a tap class to reconnect with your inner musical theater geek. It’s a combination of physical and cognitive effort.

My happy place is…

Anywhere I’m laughing with my people. Bonus points if it’s outside or around a table sharing a meal.

The book, movie, podcast, etc. that I’m most excited about right now …

I’m a Gemini, so of course I can’t pick just one. Here’s a partial list of what’s caught my attention so far this year:

Books (a mix of audio and actual paper books):


To me, accountability is…

Showing up for myself so I can show up for others.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Kelly, stay tuned for our next quarterly Accountability Coach Q+A. If you are interested in learning more about our coach certification program click here