One of the biggest fears we deal with is putting ourselves out there. What does it mean to put yourself out there? It can mean a lot of different things. It can be asking for help, it can be asking for business, it can be doing something you’ve never done before, it can be all things social or social media, it can be making a phone call or sending an email, it can even be in a conversation with someone you love. It’s anytime you reach outside the place where you feel comfortable and safe. It’s when you feel the rush of fear or discomfort and your mind is at the same time saying “danger” and “go for it” and you have to decide which one to listen to.

So what’s the value in putting yourself out there? I’ve come to the conclusion after forcing myself to do lots of uncomfortable things, especially lately, that the value in it, wasn’t in the new business that was created, or even in the personal growth, both of which have been great bonuses. But the real value of putting yourself out there is in the potential for a connection with another human being. Every time you go out of the little safety zone around you it creates an opportunity for a connection to happen. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does, it makes all the discomfort worth it.

Connections are energizing, it feels great to see eye to eye with someone, to discover a commonality. Connections create opportunities, lead to new experiences, and allow for serendipity to happen. Connections allow for sharing of knowledge and experience. Connections are an opportunity for giving because when you are letting people know you and see who you are, it opens them up to ask for help, advice, and resources that you may have access to.

If putting yourself out there is holding you back, stop thinking of what you want to get out of it, and re-frame it. Instead of thinking of how uncomfortable you feel, or not good at it you are, or what people might think of you – remember the last really great connection you made with someone. Think back to the last person that surprised you, or turned out to be totally different than you expected, or that left you feeling happy and inspired. That is the real opportunity in front of you.


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