Cultivating a sense of calm is not an easy thing to do. You actually have to put effort into it over some period of time, whereas anxiousness, worry, and stress require little to no effort or forethought. That is why I am so impressed by the commitments that are being made in one of my groups. One of the members has decided to intentionally cultivate a sense of calm in her life. She is reading books, magazines, practicing yoga, acupressure, meditation, cooking – trying all sorts of different things with the intention to see what brings in more calm. Each week she adds in different elements and each week life brings in its challenges but all the while you can see the things that she has been working on are helping her to cope.

Over the weekend these set of commitments kept popping into my head. My daughter had her third febrile seizure, I know from a logical place that they are common but the fear is just so real and difficult to manage since it seems to stick with me long after the danger has passed. I kept thinking, how can I cultivate a sense of calm? I journaled, I meditated, I went to a yoga class, I read an inspirational book, I turned to family. All because of the these inspiring commitments that I had been able to witness unfolding. Since they inspired me I thought I’d share this very special and insightful set of commitments with you. Have you ever thought of how to create more calm in your life? Have you ever considered ways that you could reduce stress and anxiety in favor of spaciousness? I would love to hear what’s worked for you.