This week I had a conversation that really highlighted the importance of getting super clear around your money. It was such great wisdom from a woman I respect very much that I would like to share it with all of you. She said when you have guilt or shame around money it keeps you really stuck. The feelings could come from overspending, having a lot of debt, not having enough, or not managing what you have well. All sorts of reasons. But the key to getting to the other side of those feelings is to get really conscious around your money. In other words clear up the fog so you can see what’s around the bend. To do that get it down to the penny. Know how much money you have coming in and going out. Know exactly how much you owe. Once you dive into it and get to the point where you know down to the cent what the picture really is, it will empower you. She said that no matter who she worked with around their money issues, and there have been thousands, every time someone got really conscious around their money they were able to generate more!

I love a change in perspective that gets me excited or at least motivated around something that I have resistance to or even dread, like my taxes. Looking at getting really clear around my finances as a means of generating more income does just that, it motivates me and gets me really excited to have total clarity around my money. So after our conversation I started cleaning up my financial house and took care of business. I made sure all my business finances were order and then tackled my personal finances. I even found a great tool – – where I can look at one glance at all my online accounts, bank, credit card, savings, investment, utilities, insurance, travel rewards, magazine subscriptions – it’s like an online filing cabinet! I also found two checks that I had forgotten to deposit so see, it’s already working, getting uber conscious around your money is the perfect way to bring in more of it!