How often are you thinking about the future or rehashing the past?

If you say to yourself, “for one hour I’m going to notice how often I’m planning, plotting, or rehearsing for the future or reliving the past.” I bet you’d be pretty shocked at how often you are not in the present moment.

Of course, you’ve probably noticed this to some extent before, I know I have, but this week I noticed it in a different way. Since I’ve given myself the assignment of watching my thoughts for this session of Accountability Works, I not only notice where my head is at – tomorrow or yesterday – but I am also trying to bring it to the present moment, over and over again. It’s been an epic fail. I have to be honest I was surprised at that.

In the video below I share why I find the present moment to be so intimidating. I also talk about the side effects of changing your thoughts – kindness and confidence.

Next week, I’ll continue to try to cultivate presence. I have to say it’s a little bit scary but experience has taught me that scary challenges are the goldmines for growth. So I’m heading in, whether my ego likes it or not. I hope you will too.