So far this year we’ve talked theme, goals, strategy, and now I want to dive into lighter waters and one of my favorite subjects. Vision. Specifically, have you ever written a vision of what your life is like way out into the future? I’m asking because if you haven’t I want to encourage you to give it a try. Yes, I’m asking you to use your imagination and be creative. And I’m asking you to write. But it’s nothing that you have to show anyone. It’s just for you and your own enjoyment.

I have a written vision that I read as if I’m learning about someone I admire. Even though I’m reading about myself I wrote it so far into the future it feels like I’m reading about a character slightly apart from myself too. It’s not too long, it’s full of interesting details that I can see in my minds eye, and it makes me feel happy and inspired when I read it. So often we hear the slogan “live your best life” but who actually knows what their best life looks like? I think playing with what it looks like for you in the future is a great way to stay motivated and inspired now.

Here’s a snippet of what my best life looks like as far off into the future as I can imagine to give you an example of what I’m talking about.

I am gray haired and wearing purple. My skin is soft and wrinkled. It suits me. I have eyeglasses on and I’m speaking into a microphone on a stage. I am speaking about my work helping women and children. I am clear in my speech. My husband and grown children are there with me. I have tears in my eyes I’m so grateful to be here. I feel honored and blessed. 

Untitled design (8)That’s me living my best life. It’s not a slogan on the cover of a magazine or a quote on Facebook. It’s a real tangible picture that lives in my mind. I can read it or simply think of it because I’ve had the same vision for years now.

A vision is not a plan or a strategy. I don’t have to be scared or have fear that I’m not going to be able to “make” it happen. It’s there for my own entertainment and enjoyment. It comes from my deepest desires and my imagination. When I write it or read it its as if it is done. It does not create any pressure but it is useful because it serves to direct and inspire me in many ways.

For one, it influences my perspective on aging, rather than dreading aging, I see my later years as being vibrant and full because I am giving back. I name my cause which is something that is deeply inspiring to me and in my life now I am looking for ways to support women and children. I very much work with women today and help them to earn more money so that they can impact their families and I can see myself continuing to do this work as I age. Also, my family is there which means that we are close and involved in each other’s lives. It means my marriage has withstood the test of time. I first saw this scene over 10 years ago now. At the time I was in my late 20s, selling real estate, and not married or a mother.

It has also influenced me in small subtle ways. Like when I was in New York in the fall and had to speak in front of the media I wore purple, I didn’t realize it when I choose the dress but later when I saw a photo I smiled to myself and realized on some level purple gives me confidence.

I watched a video of Abraham Hicks a couple of months ago where he said that we vision with too much seriousness. That we should vision in the same way that we go to the movies. For our entertainment. I really appreciated that. Even though I have been visioning for years part of me felt like I had to be “good” about visioning. Diligent. His statement relieved that feeling and I think I vision more because of it. I typically wake up and the first thing I do is vision out something. It could be just how I want my day to go and of course I vision the best day possible, not because I have to make it so, but because it’s a nice way to wake up.

If you want to write out a vision give yourself some quiet space. Perhaps take a few minutes of closed eye silence and then allow your mind to drift as far out into the future as you imagine. Picture a scene in your life, your very best life. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? Capture a real moment in your minds eye. Then write it down. I’ve never known why I picture myself speaking on a stage in front of a crowd. It’s just what came. So don’t judge whatever comes up. If you are lazing in a hammock awesome. If you are in a skyscraper in a foreign city cool. Your future self is playful and wise so just go with it!

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