This week on one of the calls we were talking about the tapes we play in our heads. You know those thoughts that you have over and over again. You are so used to them you hardly notice that you pressed play but these tapes are powerful. They keep you small, make you feel guilty, scared, or angry. There’s the tape that plays when you have a fight with your spouse or when you make a mistake at work. The tape you play when you don’t feel good about the way you look. The list goes on and on.

VisionRunI realized during this conversation that I had done something awesome. I had recorded my Vision using the Voice Memo app that came standard on my iPhone. The recording is just over a minute long and I have been listening to it when I run. It’s me describing the picture of my best life, and that’s a tape that needs to play more often. It also helps that I have a commitment to run 3 times a week. I get a lot of time with my Vision.

It’s easy to make a recording, it costs no money, and it brings a feeling of peace to listen to it. There are times when I am in alignment with my Vision and that feels good. There are times when words stick out more than others and those are typically the things I’m feeling extra good about or where I’m really off track, and that’s helpful too because when I come back into my day, get back to my family, or sit down to work, I know what to pay attention to. More than anything, I’ve realized that my Vision is not about things, or what I want to accomplish, it’s an attitude and a way of looking at the world and myself that is empowering and beautiful. Who doesn’t want to have that tape playing in your head?

If you are curious or if you haven’t written a Vision before and don’t really know what it is, here my audio recording. .

This works for me at the moment, but Visions have a way of changing and evolving so a year from now I’m sure it will have morphed into something else. Have fun with your Vision.

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