Declare & Share – Click to Get Your Invitation. 

You may have a love hate relationship with social media. I know I go back and forth with it myself. However, over the last year I have been part of some amazing Facebook groups, and I am now convinced of the value. I have learned so much about online business from the people in Marie Forleo’s B-School & Kimra Luna’s Freedom Hackers. We talk all things money and manifesting in Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Lucky B*tch Bootcamp, and I’m actually loving graphic design because of Sarah Hart’s Campfire.

Declare & Share (1)

So here’s the big news. I created Declare & Share – a private Facebook group – for you to take part in a larger conversation and connect with other people that are working on the same kinds of things you are. You can ask questions and get feedback from each other. You do not have to be enrolled in one of my accountability groups to join but you do have to want to be accountable to your goals.

I opted to make it private (that means invitation only) because I want to make sure that only the people in the group see what you post. There is so much stuff that I come across that I would love to share but that I don’t necessarily want all my Facebook friends to see, I thought you might feel that way too, so by keeping it private it’s for the groups eyes only.

What will we talk about? That’s partly up to you. You can share that meditation app you just discovered, or the awesome book you are reading, or you can get support when you are at the edge of abandoning your cold calling commitment and all you need is a gentle nudge to hang in there. There is so much motivation & inspiration for us to give and receive from one another that I hope you will take part in the fun. So there it is, you are officially invited to join the group, and if you think of someone that loves setting goals and wants accountability, then feel free to forward this along to them too.

Declare & Share – Click to Get Your Invitation.