It’s week 10! The spring session is in the home stretch and I’m seeing so many changes happening across the groups. This is always my favorite time. The beginning is exciting, the middle is where you really have to push through your “stuff”, and now as we approach the end you have the benefit of all the momentum you’ve built over the prior weeks and the results start showing up.

ease blogOne of my clients said to me this week, “I feel a new sense of energy and enthusiasm and it’s coming to the surface.” I smiled and thought to myself, this is why I personally push through the discomfort of holding you accountable. I know that it serves you and sometimes moving the barriers out of the way takes some effort but it is always worth it.

I’m 10 weeks into my thought experiment and at first it was so hard. I noticed my mind was like a minefield of self-reproach, criticism, and doubt. Then once I cleaned a lot of that up, I had to deal with the urge to self-sabotage. Settling on a place of I am good, I’m doing enough, and I love myself is not easy.  It’s not just clearing out the abusive thoughts, it also takes noticing the mental ping pong game of always looking to the future or the past. Trying to get myself to be in the moment was a true exercise in futility. I could only work on letting go of the pains of the past that were pulling me back and the fears of the future that were giving me anxiety. Then something kind of remarkable happened. Everything started to take less work. I didn’t really have to “watch” my thoughts with so much effort because my thoughts have been for the most part supportive, creative, and kind.

I have to agree with my client, I too feel a new sense of energy and enthusiasm. I feel lighter. I think it’s all part of the process. You can’t just feel a sense of ease because you want to, you have to deal with what makes things hard for you first. Sometimes, that takes a while to identify but week by week with intention and commitment you begin to remove the obstacles.

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