Last month I had the opportunity to attend a talk on Leadership. My favorite takeaway was someone offering the quote, ‘Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.’
Our clients are leaders, that’s a big reason they come to us for accountability. They typically have flexibility and no inherent structure in their professional lives other than what they themselves decide on. They are the entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, coaches, self-employed and the work from home.
And accountability is super helpful to these leaders because it reminds them where to focus their time, effort and energy. Because as every leader knows, there are many demands, not all equally important, and many not in service to the goals you’ve set for yourself, your company, or your team.
It also provides a forum for direct honest feedback. Don’t we all crave that? Don’t we all want to be made aware of our blind spots, break patterns, and get better?  

What Accountability Is and Is Not

Being held accountable also shows leaders what accountability is and is not. It’s not a punishment. It’s a practice that brings into focus what you want and what you resist, which in disconcertingly can be the exact same thing. You can be straightforward, intellectually honest and kind when delivering feedback. We maintain that holding someone accountable comes from a place of service

Helping Leaders Implement Accountability into their Organizations

I guess with all that it’s not surprising what’s been evolving of late. That all of its own accord we’ve been approached to teach what it is that we are practicing. To help leaders implement accountability into their organizations. It’s not completely new to us, but the way we are delivering it will be, and we are excited about what’s to come.
Because it all comes back to that opening phrase, great leaders create more leaders. And we want nothing more than that.
To learn more about our new management training stay tuned.