It’s the last week of the current session. That means the end of 12 weeks of consistent, focused energy pointed in the direction of just a few outcomes. I always come away from a session with a few lessons learned that I like to share.

Money was up this session. Finances were being tracked. Books on money were being read. Financial advisors consulted, taxes done, IRS contacted, budgets, budgets, budgets. 

Lesson learned: Start where you are at. It can be as simple as reading a book. You don’t have to fix everything overnight. Small improvements compound over time.

There was also a big drive to increase sales numbers. This was HARD. There were stops and starts. You changed tactics. You got discouraged. You hung in there. The tide shifted. New ideas started flowing in marketing, client relations, and product lines. Some big, no huge contracts were signed. Hours spent actively prospecting went up and up as the weeks progressed. You kept your momentum up through the holidays and set yourself up for a prosperous first quarter.

Lesson learned: If it’s scary you are probably on the right track. 

I also saw a LOT more commitments around diet, exercise, and tracking of food than I ever have. This may have had something to do with the fact that this session ran into December and usually we end in November. I am with you. About this time of the year, my clothes are getting tighter and tighter, but all your working out has inspired me too. Let’s just not don’t go crazy over our two week break.

Lesson learned: Slow and steady improvements are far more sustainable than radical quick fixes. There are a lot of great fitness apps to help you. MyFitnessPal was popular this session. 

There is something about ending a session that coincides with the end of the year that makes you take stock and reflect. There is a lot of talk about goal-setting, business planning, and I love it all but as you know, I’m also a big fan of gratitude and appreciating what we already have. So ask yourself:

What was great about this year?

The thing that came to me was the amazing people that I have gotten to work with and the front row seat I’ve had to one of my favorite things in the world…growth.

As we wrap up this week, be proud of yourselves, you have done some fantastic work. You have earned your break. Some weeks you blew it out of the water and some week’s it was the best you could do to just show up. You were raw, you were real, you inspired your group, you inspired me. Thank you!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the new year ready to kick it up a notch or two myself.

The new session of Accountability Works will be opening up on December 19th. You can click here for more information.