Meet this month’s Accountability Works Member Spotlight Amanda Hogberg, weight loss coach and nutrition expert, who helps women who struggle with emotional eating. 

Ready for a Change

When I first started coaching Amanda she had been working in a big box gym for three years. She had reached the top level for a trainer and was ready to open her own studio. She tells the story here.

Taking the Leap

Her first Accountability Works session was all about planning her move – finding the space, telling her clients, and making a smooth transition to working for herself. Amanda is someone who is meticulous in her planning and execution, so much so that when we had our first strategy call Amanda came with goals set and strategy laid out. All she needed was the weekly support and accountability to take the leap.

Moving from In Person to Online Coaching

Two years later, Amanda came back to us to work on building her online coaching business. She loved training but she found to really help her clients she needed to work with them outside of the gym. She was absolutely clear that to get the results they wanted they were going to have to learn to create sustainable habits that worked for them and were customized to their life. No diets, no crazy rules. 

In our work together, Amanda created her habit-based small group program, launched her beta test and got feedback and results. She did this all while having a very intense shoulder surgery and recovering from it.

Becoming proficient at letting go

She launched it again this year and continues to work one on one helping women in a way that aligns with her passion and philosophy.

What I find most refreshing about Amanda is that if you talk to her she is an encyclopedia of information. She understands the body and what it needs to be healthy but eats cake and drinks wine! I love meeting REAL healthy people who eat carbs. Amanda walks the walk. She’s been on both sides, the yo-yo dieting and the consistent habits that make maintaining a healthy weight sustainable. She knows how it feels to be up and down. She also knows there is another way. We are so happy to have gotten the chance to work with Amanda and to see her work go out into the world. To learn more click here