Member Spotlight: Helena Bowen

Meet this month’s member spotlight: Helena Bowen, a Speaker Coach, Speechwriter, Producer, and TEDxMile High’s Content producer (the largest TEDx event in North America!). Helena joined AW in 2019 to grow her speaker coach business for industry leaders. We all quickly fell in love with her spunk, wit, dash of sass, and kind directness. She tells it like it is, which is why you instantly trust her, want to have a glass (or three) of wine with her, and when you’re ready to verbally communicate your ideas, without question, she’s the one you’re going to call. Her passion lies in helping industry leaders communicate ideas in a way that makes the general public stand up, pay up, and pay attention.

A major win

Combine that with her authenticity, a background in entertainment, starting out as an Assistant Director in Hollywood and then moving on to HBO where she worked on dozens of shows, to coaching 150+ TED & TEDx Speakers, plus Fortune 100 executives, entrepreneurs & CEOs, with over 77 million views online… She has more than earned her stripes. When we first started working together, who could have imagined this year. We watched Helena go from being booked solid between her work for TED, companies like Disney, and building her business, to all of her in-person work coming to a screeching halt. (And her wedding which was supposed to be in Lake Como, Italy this summer!)

Hands-on approach

Before we could fully wrap our heads around the dramatic disruptions happening in her world, Helena, in her words, allowed herself to feel sad for a week and then sprung into serious action. She made all of the necessary arrangements to ensure her wedding will take place in Lake Como in the future, and since she suddenly had some free time, she identified a new opening… 


This was her chance to pour most of her energy into creating a way she could make her speaker training available to more peopleShortly thereafter, The Speakeasy was born. An online coaching program for industry leaders who want to share their ideas without being boring. With her AW group supporting her every step of the way, she put a team in place to help her and tripled her goal enrollment!

Becoming proficient at letting go

Fast forward to fall, Helena is taking a few deep breaths and preparing to open The Speakeasy program for 2021. If you’re ready to spruce up your keynote speeches, business pitches, corporate presentations, and/or social media videos, we suggest you get on her waiting list.

Helena, thank you for being such a wonderful person. We appreciate your commitment to our community, even in the face of the storms of 2020. We are all grateful for you and are celebrating you!