Member Spotlight:  Jenny Silbert

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight Jenny Silbert. A mother, pioneer, entrepreneur, architect, designer, master scavenger and now an urban farmer. Jenny is also one of the most generous and loving souls you’ll ever know. Jenny’s mantra is Collaboration leads to Innovation. That is something she embodies day in and out. And perhaps that’s why she’s been thriving in her accountability group. 

Rewilder a Pioneer in Sustainability

Six years ago, Jenny co-founded Rewilder. A sustainable brand that finds beauty in industrial trash. As a pioneer of eco fashion, Jenny has shown both the patience and commitment it takes to help turn modern consumption around. She is on a mission to inspire people to consume differently and leave a tiny footprint. 

LACI Incubator Program

Did you ever think that industrial trash could turn into a raincoat or a pouf? It taken a designer and master scavenger to make it happen and it hasn’t been easy. 

Jenny’s fortitude along with deeply caring about environmental issues has led Rewilder to be accepted into LACI’s (Los Angeles Center for Innovation) Incubator Program. And now we can’t wait to see where this takes her!

Little City Farm LA

As if Jenny didn’t have a full plate already, something else was born recently.  Little City Farm LA started as a passion project and a way for Jenny to feed her family. Which led her to collaborate with a local farmer, local restaurant, and mural artist. The result is a beautiful space that will be available for events soon and a model that can be replicated in other urban spaces. 

Soon after it’s inception, LCF was a part of the 2020 LA Design Festival ,so you too can experience it by watching this Virtual Tour. #youreallyneedtowatchthis

Mother of 3

As a mother of 3, a dedicated partner and leader of many endeavors, Jenny is always making time to help those she loves and the causes she holds dear. Whether she is staying up late to make handmade seed packets for her son’s Bar Mitzvah, teaching her kids how to surf or birthing another forward-thinking project, her creativity and ability to find synergies in all she does inspires us week after week. 

Cheers to you, Jenny!