Accountability Group Member

This month’s Accountability Works Group Member Spotlight is shining on Karin Martin.

Do you have a friend that whatever the situation, you know you are going to laugh and have a great time? Well that’s Karin Martin to me.

We have been friends since we met in the dorms our freshman year in college. I remember her always having a flower behind her ear and usually barefoot. Karin’s signature hip swaying sashay is a physical representation of how she flows through life.

But what I find most interesting about Karin, is that underneath that graceful exterior lies one of the most courageous women I know.

Knowing Karin has changed the course of my life in profound ways. She is the one that got me into surfing. The one that inspired me to go into all my biggest waves. And the one person that no matter how scary the situation, can always make me laugh.

Meet Karin Martin. Pilot, Surfer, Dancer, and so much more.

Before the sun comes up, she’s already in the cockpit of a Boeing 717 ready to embark on a day of flying. As a Commercial Airline Captain for Hawaiian Airlines, the moment she sets foot in an airport, she is fully alive.

This month, we’re celebrating this fearless woman, mother, and seeker. Karin is one of AW’s founding members and one of our certified accountability coached. She is also one of the most accomplished, uplifting, witty people we know.

When she’s on land, Karin is helping her daughter grow into her wings. In the waves tandem surfing with her husband. Tahitian dancing to raise money for charity or strumming her Ukulele on the north shore of Oahu.

Karin sets goals that reflect what’s truly important to her

Karin embodies a holistic approach to life. She balances a full schedule with making time to do the most thoughtful acts for her loved ones. She commits to things like recording an interview with her aging father so her young daughter can really know her grandfather, singing a special song to her mother on Mother’s Day, and the unique list goes on.

A true inspiration. Everyone who comes in contact with Karin, feels at ease.