I got an email from Robin Sharma, suggesting that we institute the 90/90/1 habit. This means for the next 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of your day, working on the 1 best opportunity in your life. I loved the suggestion, and I immediately thought, I’ll add that to my commitment sheet in my next accountability group meeting. You see without accountability I’d probably give it up after a few days. One day it wouldn’t happen because a kid got sick, or I had a pressing business matter to attend to, or I just forgot. Then I’d slowly drift back to what I was doing before and take that suggestion and file it away with all the other great information I’ve picked up and not used.

[108/366] Pen to PaperBut here’s how I’ll get strategic and put that nugget of wisdom to good use. I will write on my sheet – “I will spend 90 minutes per day, 5 days a week, working on my 1 best opportunity.” I’ll take the weekends off because I know I don’t like to commit to anything every single day. I will share my commitment with my group, and then report back the next week on how it went. I will share my experience and decide if I want to re-commit or adjust the commitment to better suit my lifestyle. I may inspire my group with my commitment, and they may give me feedback based on what I’ve shared. Just knowing that I’ve declared my commitment to them and they are waiting to hear how it went will get me 90% there. I will look at my commitment sheet throughout the week and be reminded of what I set out to do. On days when there are distractions, instead of letting it go, I’ll start thinking of ways to fit it in. To keep my commitment I will need to get creative. When you are not committed that creativity never comes. By becoming creative I will overcome obstacles and expand what I am capable of doing. I will gain confidence in my own abilities. I will learn and grow.

So in the end, anything worth doing or changing, is going to require a healthy dose of commitment. You can tough it out or you can employ it’s natural partner, accountability, to help you.

You can get accountability from a partner, a business associate, or a friend. If none of those options sound good or have worked for you in the past, think about joining an accountability group (sometimes called a mastermind group). I loved this strategy so much I created Accountability Works so share it with as many people as I can.

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