My Theme for 2022

Now that 2021 is officially a wrap, I wanted to share one of my favorite practices for welcoming in a new year – choosing a theme for 2022. We even put a line for it in the AW Planner in case you want to play along. 

Themes are for fun, they aren’t goals, they are broad, they might lead to action or learning, but at the very least to noticing. There is no pressure with a theme, the point is to gain awareness.


My 2021 theme was Relationships. After 2020, I was lonely and looking forward to reconnecting with friends and seeing more of my family. My theme came up for me often. I had more challenges in my relationships than I anticipated. But that happens whenever there is work to be done in any area. So although that was unexpected each challenge brought me closer to the person and to myself. My theme informed my decisions and it changed my priorities. As I said goodbye to 2021, I could wholeheartedly say, I felt the connection to my loved ones that I was really missing.


Now as we roll, however bumpily, into 2022, the word that started to come up for me about a month ago, seems more perfect than ever, Acceptance.

My idea of Acceptance is really in relation to Resistance. I expect resistance to show up but it usually takes me a few days or weeks to realize I’m in a state of resistance. I have to miss commitments to see it when it relates to my goals but I also experience resistance in many areas and in many ways. There are physical cues too. My brow furrows, my jaw tightens, my thoughts become repetitive and perpetuate the resistance I’m feeling. I’m now at the point in my practice where I am ready to make peace rather than flee or fight with my resistance.

Acceptance then means softening into what is. Staying open. Listening. And if I can keep my natural barriers from going up at the first sign of alarm, fear or discomfort, seeing what is there for me. Thanks to a rough entry into 2022, I’ve already had the opportunity to practice, and I’m sure there is more to come.

I always share these personal insights in the hopes that it will draw you into your own inquiry. Whenever I do live workshops, I love hearing what themes other people are choosing for themselves. It never seems to be a hard question for anyone to answer. Intuitively, we know what is up for us. If not, maybe these questions will help draw your theme out.

What are you interested in developing in yourself?
Where is your learning edge at the moment?
What do you want to have more awareness around?